donderdag 12 april 2012

Strawberry cheescake

Another recipe I made with Easter. And also one you should really try.
Chilled cheesecake
- 1 role Oreo biscuits
- 30 g melted butter
- Gelatin (3 strips)
- Strawberry's (125 g)
- vanilla sugar
- whipped creme (125 mL)
- 4 spoons sugar
- crème fraîche (125 mL)
- mascarpone (250 g)
- 4 spoons lemonade

1. Crunch the biscuits and mix it with the butter. Cover the pie shell with it and put it in the fridge.
2. Mash the strawberry's and mix it with the vanilla sugar. Heat 5 spoons of it and put the gelatin in it. Put the cold and the warm together again.
3. Mix all of the ingredients together and put it on the biscuits. Let it cool down in the fridge for minimal three hours.

And you're ready!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. When can I can I come to your home to try this cake? It looks so delicous. Please send me a message (: xx

  2. That is what you told me about! Hmm, I am defini coming to your house with Janna :D

  3. Maybe we can plan a nice movie afternoon? Than I bring this!