maandag 23 juli 2012

Personal stuff

Finally a post again since last week. I shall tell what I did in all that time. But first this picture of the sun (a miracle has come to the Netherlands!)

First of all I bouht lovely new shoes. I'm really happy with it. Not all to high, six cm, which is really nice with my length (1.88 m :( )

And I also bouht (*shame*) a new lipstick from Maxfactor. I started wearing lipstick more and more and my mother was not that happy when I 'lend' hers again. He has a light gold/brown color and with the other side on top of it it has also a light pink glow :). I know really complicated. Conclusion: beautiful!

But I spended my time mostly with making this skirt. I never made anything like clothes before so I'm really proud of myself. Great for in Italy

Have a nice holiday <3

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  1. You should be proud of yourself: the skirt is gorgeous! And I really know what it feels like to make things with the sewing machine. I did it a few times myself these holidays: I love it! x