dinsdag 12 juni 2012


When I was in France, I bought a backing mix for macarons. So I tried making this, because I always wanted to and they always look so nice. But it isn't as easy as it looks...
At first I must translate the receipt because it was in French (of course). But my French isn't really good so it ended op in google translator. Not the best translator haha.

After this hard work I ate an ice cream with my sister because it was nice weather in the Netherlands :).

So we started with the jelly between the macarons.

Making the macarons. Everything went really well.

Before they went in the oven.

How they ended up like a sort of macaron. Not a really great succes. They wouldn't became hard so you couldn't get them off of the paper. But they tasted really well. It was just another experience.

Have you did make macarons before?

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