maandag 25 juni 2012

Sweet 16

Last Saturday I celebrated my Sweet 16 for my friends. What you can expect from our party's? A lot of fun, special gifts, weird conversations and so on. All together a big party!

I thought it was nice to start with a diner made by myself. Well it was nice, but also a lot of work... So from 11.15 untill 15.15 I was busy with  baking in the kitchen. But then you have PINK cupcakes :).

However, at six p.m. my friends came (mostly of them) and we drunk a cocktail. Of course not with real alcohol but it looked nice.

After that I got a lot of presents. Guess three times what you get when your friends are really creative?
A big, blow-up smoked sausage of course!
(Beware! Really bad picture alert)

After diner we watched a very bad movie - knight and day
And making more pictures during the break! This is my with my friend Janna (<--- klik) 
All together we had a lot of fun. Not a sweet 16 I will forget soon!

(pictures made by Janna, Laura, me and more friends)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. It was great, I have good memories about Saturday <3

  2. thank you for calling me creative ^^
    I enjoyed your party very much!
    x Debbie